Words on Relativity and Environment.

by David Edren / 29.11.2022

The following is likely to be nothing more than a mere stream of consciousness;
penned down as to sketch an image, clarifying ideas behind...

a conceptual album about space ..
your environment; what surrounds you; how it affects you.
you act upon
and how this relates to culture and nature
and to what effect.
we perceive concepts like time and space (space-time);

In its basic form the album focuses around a garden
and various elements/feelings surrounding it.- water features, garden paths, moonlight, birds, insects, stones,.. -

how the natural world can cure and soothe..

the concept of time, related to the plant world,
a theme I also tried to evoke with 'Music for Mimosa Pudica & Codariocalyx'.

how different this is
compared to the dogmatic measures of time
our society tries to divide everything into.. 
how it seems it enslaves us;
dividing our day in usable capsules of time.

the concept of Impermanence springs to mind..

2020 (and its happenings)
made me ponder the things that matter most
and spawned a will to start anew.
my perspective changed as I needed to refocus.

Look at your surroundings!
-seize time-

Aren't these dominant (f)actors in your well-being?
Flee, free from mists.

Slow down, Reflect, ponder..
-drink water-

For roots may spring, Seeds may sprout
replenish your garden.

Skate through into
as dusk lights a new environment.

The text is aimed at myself
but changes direction towards anyone willing to listen.

- stylistically it is possibly inspired by the writing style of certain books i read these past times.. Yanagi, Tanizaki, Bachelard, Berger, Alan Watts might spring to mind.. -

a meditation
- a self reflection on personal space and creativity -

to find a way to push forward ,
changing the way I was, where I was, how I used time..

Evolving into where I am now.

The text refers to the albums track titles,
as a pathway
to link things together
to focus on specific parts of these ideas
and to put forth the notion they are connected
a sort of puzzle..

omgeving = surroundings
uurwerk = time
waterpartij = well + water
vrije vlucht = flee, free
mistbank = mists
vertraag! = slow down
reflectie refractie = reflect, ponder
zaailing = seed shoots
schaatsenrijder = skate (water strider)
schemering = dusk
omgeving = environment

a way to interpret
/ a storyline:

the setting of a scene (environment)
Slow Down!
think about how you use time. how erratic.
there seems to be no time to think.
work on these hours (uurwerk/clockwork)

before they fog your thoughts; liberate yourself!
plant seeds for renewal, keep them alive, water them.
skate the thin ice of this idea, like a heroic water strider
as moonlight reflects in a pond, reflect your thoughts (self-reflection)
enter this new concept of living

the idea is not to emphasize with clear focus,
it is for those who want to look further and read
this little liner text in the bottom somewhere

Does this make sense at all? Does it matter?

RELATIVITY: the state of being judged in comparison with other things and not by itself.
(in physics) a two-part theory in physics describing motion and the relationships between space, time, and energy.

ENVIRONMENT: (nature) the air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live.
(surroundings) the conditions that people live, work, or spend time in and the way that they influence how they feel, behave, or work.

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