Relativiteit Van de Omgeving

(2023) - available here

Look at your surroundings!
-seize time-
Aren't these dominant (f)actors
in your well-being?
Flee, free from mists.
Slow down, Reflect, ponder..
-drink water-
For roots may spring,
Seeds may sprout
replenish your garden.
Skate through into
as dusk lights
a new environment.

- omgeving (intro)
- mistbank
Vrije Vlucht
- refractie
- schaatsenrijder
Reflectie in de Schemering

Out April 7th 2023 on LP/CS
through Not Not Fun records (NNF388)

Music by David Edren 2018-2021
Recorded at LittleForest 2021
Mastered by Alex Nagle
Images and text by David Edren
Layout by Jozefien Gruyaert

Antwerp synthesist David Edren describes his latest solo collection in conceptual terms: a harmony of space and time, elements and environments, perception and impermanence. Conceived in the morass of 2020, he began envisioning a widescreen suite of electronic compositions connected to the hidden rhythms of what surrounds and affects us. The 12 tracks of Relativiteit Van de Omgeving trace a chain of miniature terrariums, from misty meadows and moonlit gardens to cosmic vistas of asteroid showers. It’s music both subtle and symphonic, attuned to the sweeping planetary clockwork of water and wind, birds and insects, seeds scattered in soil forever being reborn: “skating the thin ice of ideas, like a heroic water strider.” NNF

Antwerpen, 2024

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