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Relativiteit Van de Omgeving

(2023) - available here

Look at your surroundings!
-seize time-
Aren't these dominant (f)actors
in your well-being?
Flee, free from mists.
Slow down, Reflect, ponder..
-drink water-
For roots may spring,
Seeds may sprout
replenish your garden.
Skate through into
as dusk lights
a new environment.

- omgeving (intro)
- mistbank
Vrije Vlucht
- refractie
- schaatsenrijder
Reflectie in de Schemering

released April 7th 2023 on LP/CS
through Not Not Fun records (NNF388)

Music by David Edren 2018-2021
Recorded at LittleForest 2021
Mastered by Alex Nagle
Images and text by David Edren
Layout by Jozefien Gruyaert

Antwerp synthesist David Edren describes his latest solo collection in conceptual terms: a harmony of space and time, elements and environments, perception and impermanence. Conceived in the morass of 2020, he began envisioning a widescreen suite of electronic compositions connected to the hidden rhythms of what surrounds and affects us. The 12 tracks of Relativiteit Van de Omgeving trace a chain of miniature terrariums, from misty meadows and moonlit gardens to cosmic vistas of asteroid showers. It’s music both subtle and symphonic, attuned to the sweeping planetary clockwork of water and wind, birds and insects, seeds scattered in soil forever being reborn: “skating the thin ice of ideas, like a heroic water strider.” NNF

Flow | 流れ

(2023) - available here

Proud to announce a collaborative album with H.Takahashi, featuring music recorded in 2020-2021.

The union of Antwerp synthesist David Edren and Tokyo minimalist Hiroki Takahashi is a fit so natural as to feel preordained. Both traffic in subtle shades of contemplative electronics, marked by patience, space, and poetic restraint. And both have rich histories of curation and collaboration. Mutual fans of one another’s work, they began sharing stems in the latter half of 2020, which slowly blossomed into a collection of multi-hued compositions inspired by notions of connectivity and impermanence, translated for east and west: Flow | 流れ.

Dusk Decorum | 黄昏 礼節
Cascade | 滝
Ghost Count | 木霊数え
Canter and Gallop | 駈歩と襲歩
Stalactime | 鍾乳石時計
Light Blue & Plink | ベイビーブルー &  プリンク
Shift Register | シフトレジスタ

released February 10th  2023
by Aguirre Records (ZORN97)

Opener “Dusk Decorum | 黄昏 礼節” maps the mood of what’s to come, elegantly pirouetting and percolating through an expanding vista of looming stars and half-light horizons. Takahashi describes Edren’s arrangements as evoking “a strange feel, something we haven't heard much of before.” The sensation is one of “in-betweenness,” a restless current whispering beneath the beauty, like seasons seen in time-lapse footage: flickering but infinite, transience turned permanent. Takahashi’s signature sculpture garden tones plot spiral patterns over which Edren cascades dazzling pointillist synthesizer coloration. The pieces veer between delicate and dilated, micro and macro, their aperture forever softly in flux.

From the oscillating orchestral lullaby of “Stalactime | 鍾乳石時計” to the sweeping, sparkling dream sequence closer, “Shift Register | シフトレジスタ,” the album achieves the elusive goal of being more than the sum of its parts. This is music of rare air, elevated and amorphous, shimmering just out of reach. Though Edren and Takahashi have yet to cohabitate the same room in person (a fact that should be rectified soon by an astute festival booker), their palettes and poise are perfectly paired, twin fragilities woven into seven radiant and regenerative vibrational states. The cover design of a beatific, beaded leaf rippling on the surface of a hidden pond aptly captures the record’s muted majesty. Takahashi’s quiet pride is justified: “We are very happy with this time-consuming and carefully crafted work.”

Music By H.Takahashi and David Edren.
Recorded 2020-2021 Tokyo|Antwerp.
Mixed & Edited by David Edren at LittleForest, Antwerp.
Mastered and cut by Anne Taegert at Dubplates & Mastering.
Artwork by Vica Pacheco | Sleeve Design by Yudai Osawa.

Spirit & Form

(2020) - available here

Spirit & Form unfolds a rippling waterfall, an oceanic wave of sequenced sound to safeguard against the drowning of a city-stressed soul. Like a spa for the brain, relaxing your meditation muscles with melodies of deep dreams and high hopes. A digitech video ad for a coconut-flavored aperitivo with ice-tickling images, new age flavors, fluorescently-lighted polygon meshes and deepdark shading. 
Well, all these spirits are taking new form here; electronic exotica and slow burning ambient prepared from a deep-felt love for specific vibes and spaces. A very personal and perfectly paced soft swinging masterpiece.

Spirit & Form is inspired by growing up in the 80's and 90's and all that this includes and inflicts; tv news intros and animated series, never ending ambient adventures and first person gaming, office clerk cubicles and its vestimentary code, hair highlights and glossy textiles, rompler synths and video manuals, digital high sheen and synthesized reality.
 All this in perfect harmony with nature's high frequencies and its effect on mood and composure, like calmness in the eye of a storm. 
Spirit & Form is the brainchild of co-conspirators David Edren and Bent Von Bent, who both released solo- albums as DSR Lines and Ōgon Batto, respectively. S&F is a next step in their path of exploring various works of output. This new project breaks their initial setup of improvisation to explore a more compositional modus operandi.
Spirit & Form is the result of numerous programming and production sessions between 2017 and 2019, one being a week at a reclusive residence in the outskirts of Zeelandic Flanders (next to the renowned Drowned lands of Saeftinghe) where most of the album's tracks came together.

released February 6, 2020
published by Jj funhouse (JJ019)

music by David Edren & Bent Von Bent 
(2017 - 2019)
mixed & edited by David Edren
mastered by Ruud Lekx

photographs by Jozefien Gruyaert
graphic design by Jj funhouse

Antwerpen, 2024

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