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David Edren confirms himself as a cosmic courier and wizard of synths with the organic electronic music included in Venndiagram. Released for the first time on LP, it appeared only on tape in 2013. The sound remains a pure balance between vibrating oscillations, modular frequencies and rhythmic pulsations, but the general imaginary changes. The main theme is the intersection of circular and geometric shapes and the minimal and clear notion which they represent. Edren imagines reverberated coordinates of galactic sines and cosines, interprets sounds and distortions as trajectories, melodic patterns like pyramidal plastic interpenetrations. All is lead by a primitive impulse to the combination of lines, shapes, figures, ropes or tangents, diameters, squares or triangles. Along these inter-zonal paths, he forges rare atmospheres full of enveloping spherical and spiraling sounds, luminous and radiant in their hypnotic aura, or magnificently ecstatic and ascensional. It’s much more than math or geometry, but an alternative visionary way to conceive the world (maximal and minimal) in other manifestations of space and time.

Music By D.Edren
Recorded in july 2013 at ll150, Antwerpen

Vinyl edition (febr 9 2019):
Released by Black Sweat Records – (BS046)

1st edition
(sept 10 2013):
60 red tapes with white print.
Two Colour Screenprinted 3 panel J-card.
shrinkwrapped in clear cassette case.
designed and screenprinted by Mathieu Serruys.
Released by SMELTKOP

2nd edition (dec 18 2014):
77 black tapes with white print.
Two Colour Screenprinted 3 panel J-card in black cassette case.
redesigned by Mathieu Serruys and screenprinted by M.Serruys & D.Edren.
Released by

Antwerpen, 2024

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