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"Antwerp's multi-activist and synth worm David Edren creates euphoric and careful textures as usual, but here he goes further towards mellow and beautiful melodies. His spaceships (that include Buchla 200, Serge Synthesizer System, Eurorack, Arp 2500 and others) go to wonderful explorations into minimal spaces full of rich and amazing detail." Roope Eronen

1.Opstap         08:32
2.Middenspatie         01:15
3.Teller []         05:03
4.Hoorpatroon         07:49
5.Old Timer         02:04
6.Harmonik         04:59

Tracks 1 & 4 recorded with Eurorack, Keys and Arp 2500 at CEM (januari 2014).
Tracks 2 & 6 recorded with Buchla 200 system at EMS (october 2014).
Track 3 recorded with Serge Synthesizer system at EMS, (october 2014).
Track 5 recorded with Vermona Per4mer mkII and Eurorack at ll150 (june 2013).

Music by David Edren.
Recorded at ll150/Antwerpen, CEM/Rotterdam and EMS/Stockholm.
Mixed and compiled in februari 2015 at ll150, Antwerpen.

Eternal gratitude to everyone at CEM, EMS and Lal Lal Lal.

1st edition (apr 9 2015):
Limited edition of 70  pink tapes with silkscreened artwork by Roope Eronen.
Published by Lal Lal Lal [lal-68]

2nd edition (jun 18 2018):
77 pink cassettes with white print.
J-card risographed in fluo pink and orange by Risiko Press in clear cassette case.
Redesigned artwork by Roope Eronen.
layout by D.Edren.
Released by

Antwerpen, 2024

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