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During an early DSR Lines show in 1998, at a group exhibition where snot artists were elbowing themselves a way to the tip of the Cathedral, hoping to catch some sun, or a glimpse of the painter they would all like to be, David Edren aka DSR Lines dragged along about 8 tv's he attached to various analog synthesizers, feedbacking up the psychedelic ambient boiling out of the speakers, smoking out the negative stench of rotting careerism, whether they dabbled their paws in oil or leftovers didn't matter in those days. DSR Lines has since been a presence in Antwerp i always enjoyed, whether in the background organising shows at the now defunct Scheldapen space in Antwerp, during his Radioshows at Radio Centraal, as a graphic designer and webmaster, as head of the Hare Akedod label or in various other constellations, it is good to see he is finally pushing that stuff to the background and cooking his great Kosmische psychedelic synth jams as DSR Lines as a main course!! This is DSR Lines' first lp, eyes wide open behind the wheel one might wanna catch some drips of this in the eye balls of fire, drip slowly, and for a full experience do whatever you please! For those who need some name drops instead, cancel out the vocals on early Battiato records, travel to Germany after Harmonia left a mess or choke Klaus Schulze forcing him to play from his fucking heart!

Music by David Edren
All tracks are live improvisations,
recorded during the 5th and 6th day of my residency at CEM/Worm studio, Rotterdam. (january 20th and 21st 2014)
Mixed and compiled at ll150, Antwerpen
the CEM Arp 2500 was used extensively throughout this recording.
Eternal gratitude to everyone at Worm and Ültra Eczema.

Vinyl edition (febr 20 2015):
Released by Ultra Eczema
artwork by Dennis Tyfus, layout by Kevin Apetown.
200 hand numbered copies, comes in a duotone pro sleeve with insert and a sticker!
cat n° UE 182

Cassette edition
(dec 2015):
100 dark green tapes with white print, risographed 2 panel folded J-card in grey cassette case.
artwork by Dennis Tyfus, layout by Kevin Apetown.
printed in 3 colors by Risiko Press.
Published by A-DSR.net.

Antwerpen, 2024

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