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After finalizing the conceptual 'Electronic Gamelan Music' album in 2017, i started to transform its workflow and sounds into a different format. I first performed these new ideas at the Kraak festival in March 2018 and at the AB club the following June. During the summer of 2018 i took it up to myself to record these tracks into a new album.. After the summer i put the recordings to the side and (as things go) my focus shifted towards other projects. Forward 2 years; In 2020 (during the first Covid lockdown), i did release some of these sounds (in a very preliminary form) as a digital only release. I gradually started to envision a new album focusing on the outside world, nature, our basic surroundings.. This idea eventually led me, during a 3 year search, towards my 2023 release 'Relativiteit van de Omgeving'. At the beginning of 2024 i stumbled upon my initial 2018 recordings and decided it was time to re-imagine these sounds into a new whole.  Daarbuiten (dutch) translates as 'Out there / Outside'.


Nevelwoud I
Nevelwoud II
Nevelwoud III

Out June 14th 2024 on CS
through Muzan Editions (MEDS091)

Music By David Edren.
Recorded in the summer of 2018 at LittleForest, Antwerp, except Nevelwoud I recorded live at Kraak Festival, March 4th 2018 (Beursschouwburg, Brussels) and Ijskristallen & Verdwenen recorded June 4th 2018 at AB Salon Brussels by Mich Leemans. Additional production & mix February-April 2024 at StSt, Kalmthout.

Most tracks were performed live during the recording process in 2018 and some tracks were actually recorded at live performances. Additional production took place between February and April 2024.

I'd like to think the album offers an organic flow of sounds/ideas and evokes a 'live feel'. I envision it as an ode to the outside world and its multifaceted reality. Its tracks hinting towards atmospheres, vibes and hidden stories.

David Edren, May 2024

Antwerpen, 2024

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