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G.S. Sultan - Music For A Living Water (Orange Milk)

Vica Pacheco - Symplegmata (Kraak)

Atoris - Atoris (Jj Funhouse)

Oval Angle - Speaking In Circles (Jj Funhouse)

Timelash - Timelash (Hare Akedod)

Orphan Fairytale - Titania Moon (Ultra Eczema)

Nirodh - Suoni Immaginari (Black Sweat)

Tristan Magnetique - 3 (Muzan Editions)

Oï les Ox - Crooner Qui Coule Sous Les Clous (Primordial Void / The Death Of Rave)

Norm Chambers - Facets  (Love All Day)

Liew Niyomkarn - Future Ancestors (Self Released)

X.Y.R. - Pilgrimage (Not Not Fun)

Phantom Horse - Mehr Null (Umor Rex)

Cait Foran - Eternal Return (Phinery)

MinaeMinae - Gestrüpp (Marionette)

Kraus - A Golden Brain (Ultra Eczema)

Various Artists - Delta ~ Waves (d~w)

Spirit & Form - Spirit & Form (Jj Funhouse)

Aylu - Kraak Festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussel (febr 29th)
Embassador Dulgoon and many other great shows - Musa Ullakolla, Internet (may 9th)
Al Doum & The Faryds - Bosbar, Antwerpen (febr 25th)
Grid Ravage - Bosbar, Antwerpen (jan 18th)
Cian Nugent - online, facebook (may 19th)
Accou et all, Drogenhaus special, Kraak, Spring Brakers 4 (may 3rd)

special events / experiences
Musa Ullakolla Online festivals - fak.ovh, Internet
Sipping from a shared cup of pastis at Kraak festival - Beursschouwburg, Brussel (febr 29th)
Closet Of Records w/ Tom Relleen & Papivores / Brecht Ameel at Daphné’s, Antwerpen (febr 20th-21st)
Christophe Piette interviewing artists for Les Ateliers Claus.
Playing live at AB club (with Miaux) - Brussel (sept 24th)
& jamming with Dr Schütte (½ Phantom Horse) as Nerde Ettühcs - Blikfabriek (july 11th)
Our Spirit & Form remix album!
thank you H.Takahashi, Velma Spell, Sagat, Les Halles, Vica Pacheco, Lieven Martens, Oval Angle, Hiele, Weird Dust, Yves De Mey and Ivy Meadows!

Working on new music, including a collaborative album with H.Takahashi ! background picture: Musa Ullakolla poster

Antwerpen, 2024

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