The Encyclopedia of Civilizations vol. 2: Atlantis

(2018) - available here

Second volume of "The Encyclopedia of Civilizations", a collection of split LP's where selected artists offer their own insight into fascinating ancient cultures.

In this volume the music is inspired by Atlantis, a legendary civilization surrounded by mystery. The LP is presented in a special limited edition (500 copies) with an extensive booklet that tries to shed some light on the myth of Atlantis and will help you to immerse yourself in this fascinating civilization while you listen to the music. The sleeve is printed in the old way, letterpressed with metal movable type as Gutenberg used to do it, as all of the Abstrakce editions.

released June 18, 2018
Published by Abstrakce Records

Music by DSR Lines (side A)
& Bitchin Bajas (side B)

included booklet

Antwerpen, 2024

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