Ark Tablet


Released july 2nd 2012 by Hare Akedod [HAk003] 
Recorded june 7th, 8th and 9th 2012 at ll150, Antwerpen.

Geïmproviseerd door David Edren te ll150.

"Muscicapa Hypoleuca Pallas"

1.Eenzame Ruyter         07:43
2.Intussentijd         05:30
3.Bonte Vliegenvanger         10:14
4.Locus Horribilis Solus         06:08

Limited Edition of 25 Olive Green Tapes in vintage cassette case (choice of mustard yellow, textured black, white or dark grey) with fullcolour double sided artwork and insert.

Antwerpen, 2024

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